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Wild Upgraded Your Cars v3.0.0
File information:
Author: YourCreatedHell
Author website:
License: Free
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14.06.2012, 21:36

Modification Wild Upgraded Your Cars replace spare parts in GTA San Andreas. The third version is fully adapted to Improved Vehicle Features v2.1.1. Now get dirty all tuning parts, except balloons with nitrous oxide. Expanded functional replacement parts, so you can replace each wheel separately. Removed division into classes a1, a2, and common, making it possible to work with the original models.

Elements composing of additions:

1) Customize HQ Wheels by YourCreatedHell - Need for Speed Shift Style, Pack #1

The exclusive package of wheels, made from scratch to replace all 17 types of wheels game.

 - 5Zigen Hyper 5ZR
 - Advan Racing V2
 - American Racing Shelby Razor
 - BBS LM Black Time Attack
 - BBS LM Gold
 - Iforged Marquis
 - Kinesis K18 R
 - Konig Blatant
 - Konig Hotswap
 - RAYS Engineering Volk TE37 Time Attack
 - Racing Hart C4
 - Racing Hart CR
 - Racing Hart CX
 - TSW Rocket 5
 - Work Wheel Euroline S2H
 - Work Wheel VS XX

2) New HQ NOS

Updated, higher-quality balloons with nitrous oxide, made from scratch.
3) Package HQ spoilers Need For Speed Most Wanted

The modified spoiler, which were previously converted from Need For Speed Most Wanted.

4) Wild Upgraded Your Cars: Hoods, Lights, Roofs and Vents - pack #1

Package air intakes on the bonnet, roof and headlights on the front bumper. The models were taken from the air intake Juiced 2 HIN and the Need For Speed Most Wanted, which were eventually significantly modified.

5) New Original Exhausts v1.0.2

Highly detailed exhausts.

6) Test Drive Unlimited Colors Style (TDU Colors Style).

Tired of the old repulsive colors from GTA San Andreas? Then this add-on designed especially for you! Replacing most of the colors, the new, more stylish, from Test Drive Unlimited.

7) more for TDU Colors Style

This album is a kind of caramel, for those who want to adapt their work under the TDU Colors Style. more for TDU Colors Style is a detailed transcript of RGB color values stored in the images in the format jpg. Each image corresponds to the number of carcolors.dat

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Category: Packages of auto parts | Added: YourCreatedHell | Tags: Wild Upgraded Your Cars v2, Addons, tuning parts, GTA San Andreas
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